This is how you shall proceed...


Step 1

Apply for a permit that allowes taxi driving...

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Step 2

Get required insurances for your business...

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Step 3

Descide what kind of vehicle you shall work with

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Step 4

Get proffesional equpment for your business

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How to become a taxi entrepreneur

Check out the guidelines to become a taxi entreprenuer. What arrangements has to be done, and what documents needs to be in order.

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Rental options

Semel offers four different rental options. All alternatives include taximeter, printer and service. Check out the different solutions for your needs.

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Resellers and installers

Check your nearest reseller from here. Semel has a large network of installers with certified installation rights. Browse the list or surf on the map.

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Click the button below, and access our user manual gallery (in Finnish)

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