Support and contact information


Semel Helpdesk will serve you in case of any problems related to Semel software and car devices as well as the Vuoro.NET service

Semel Helpdesk: 08.00-16.00 / desk(at) / Car equipment support tel. 0600 17788

When adding Your query, please include your company´s Business ID (Y-tunnus) in the message and any car device related information you know, such as Palvelutunnus and System ID. If you suspect that your car device is broken, you can contact our dealer network where the broken device can be replaced.

Tariff changes and requests for new tariffs (charged service) will be sent by e-mail to: taksalataukset(at)


Sales: tel. 0207 429 402 / 09.00-16.00 / myynti(at)

  • order processing of services and related issues
  • instructions for dispaching company changes
  • instructions for merchant agreements with credit card companies
  • instructions for taximeter rental transfer