M2 Mirror Premium

Complete system with payment and dispatch functionalities

M2 Mirror Premium

240 € / month (alv. 0%)
Opening fee 300 €

The Semel M2 Premium package is an advanced and cost-effective setup for any Taxi call center with payment services. In addition to the Semel M2 Mirror taximeter and the Semel RX90hn thermal printer, the Premium package includes a Samsung Tablet and the Semel mPOS payment terminal.

What equipment does it include:

  • Semel M2 Mirror taxi meter (including software)
  • Semel RX90hn printer (including software)
  • Semel mPOS payment terminal (including software)
  • Samsung Tablet (with active holder)

What else does the service include:

  • Vuoro.NET BASIC service
  • Software maintenance
  • Exchange service at Semel partners
  • New equipment after 24 month subscription, eg when renewing You car.
  • Vuoro.NET BASIC service
  • Software maintenance

Vuoro.NET Basic driver portal is included in service. If You want to use our phone app for Android and iOS, You need to upgrade it to Vuoro.NET Extra. That can easily be done while making your order.

NOTE: Doed not include SIM card.

SIM card configuration 2 Mb/s and no less than 2 Gb/month

This package includes the Semel mPOS payment terminal. The device is defined and settled to forward EMV payment transactions by Elavon. This requires an agreement between the customer company and Elavon, to settle the transactions.


To make the agreement with Elavon, fill out the agreement form, and send it signed to Elavon with the specific attachments requested:

  • Trade register verification
  • Copy of the signatory's identity card (passport or driving license)
  • Certificate from the bank that the account specified in the agreement belongs to the customer company

The request for this information is based on the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, which entered into force on 3 July 2017.

Please also note that if you have previously had, for example, a Verifone payment terminal and have accepted Taksiliiton Yrityspalvelu cards and want to continue accepting them, you must enter into a new agreement with Taksiliiton Yrityspalvelu.

Device specifications