Information for the public sector

Information for the public sector

Semel Oy has been strongly involved with the public administration in developing Finnish passenger transport for decades. At first, smart card-based solutions became more common and nowadays we upgrade more and more systems to process ID-based cards and management of these ID cards.

Semel has been and will be a pioneer in organizing other transportation paid for by society.

Dispatching transportation in community paid trips (KELA)

Direct compensation:

The direct compensation procedure applies to trips made in Finland arranged by KELA. Trips are ordered from the taxicompany or other callcenter approved by KELA using Semel Contact dispatch solution. If the traveller orders a taxi from another call center that does not provide direct compensation service, he pays the price of the entire taxi trip himself and applies compensation from KELA with necessary attachments.

In order to get direct compensation, travellers order their transport from one, by KELA approved call center. In this case, personal information and travel information is generated in the call centers system togehter with the order. Contact combines trips if possible and each trip is identified by an order ID created by the system. After trip is executed, the payment information is created with an approved taximeter with the trip specific order ID attached. Order and payment information is then combined in the call center with Semel Payment solutions as trip information. The combined trip information is submitted to KELA's representative server for travel compensation processing.

Semel has delivered Contact solution in several municipality areas and all areas report their payment transactions to KELA using Semel Payment solution.