Card Factory

Software for managing travel rights and payment cards and IDs

The general features of the system are e.g.

  • Payment card lifecycle management
  • Management of accounts, cards and batches
  • Card Factory is used with a web browser over the Internet, the application does not need to be installed on each user's work machine separately
  • View of driving events for different user groups, company view via InvoiceProcessing program, motorists via Semel-Vuoronet or Semel Vuoronet Extra service, customers via CF card program.
  • View, approve, mark and edit driving events via the CF interface
  • The properties that come to the card are determined using CF software, after which the data that comes to the card are exported to the card system for the actual creation of the card.

    Defining card properties includes:
  • setting the status of the card (enabled, closed, canceled, etc.)
  • setting the card validity period
  • using automatic card renewal
  • assigning texts to the card and invoice breakdown

The features set on the card are used in an online environment via payment terminals. Multiple cards can be linked to one account at a time. This makes it easier to renew cards in situations where the old card is lost or damaged.

When renewing a card, the old card is deactivated, in which case only the new card delivered to the user remains valid. E.g. card-specific deductibles and the maximum price of an individual trip paid with the card, can be defined for the accounts.