Ordering a taxi

Call center needs good access to be able to receive bookings.

Phone integration

Usually and traditionally bookings are made through phone calls, why a full scale phone integration ystem is needed. Integration s are don in cooperation with the main tele operators in the Nordic countries, Elisa, Telia and DNA.

Call center receives calls from different parts of the city, and the dispatch solution fills in the empty fields in the order form. This enables fast booking process, and fast car selection. Verification of the booking can be sent as SMS to the caller.

Other ways to input orders to a call center is using Web contact. 


Web Contact

Easy and quick ordering. Simply input the desired pick up address, and the system will select a suitable vehicle for you. Web contact interface is commonly used in Points Of Interest, eg. hotels, hospitals an restaurants, where fast and easy ordering is needed to be done.

Management of:

  • car pools
  • owners and drivers
  • passenger data
  • addresses, aliases
  • order types
  • Select closest vehicle or according to company policy


  • statistics
  • daily and monthly order quantities




Taxi Butler

Simply click the button on the Taxi Butler to order a taxi.

Your Taxi Butler booking devices are placed at your loyal venues, like restaurants & bars, hotels and company receptions. When their customers are in need of a taxi, they place an order with the click of a button. Orders are forwarded to Semel Contact, and the best suitable vehicle will be send to the location.








Booka Taxi

Book a Taxi is a phone application for booking taxi trips. The traveller downloads the application himself to its mobile phone from either Android or iOS app stores. The service includes an easy method to order and pay for taxi rides. Ordering is free of charge. Booka Taxi application locates the passenger automatically whereafter traveller can select car type and method of payment. To boost efficiency, the traveller can enter its destination address and get an estimation of the price of the trip.