Semel Contact – the best dispatch system for passenger transportation

Semel Contact dispatching system has been introduced to an increasing number of taxi companies or travel service operators during the las decade. Contact is a reliable dispaching system that allows the call center to comprehensively manage the forwarding of various orders to vehicles. With the help of the system, you can efficiently control service traffic, contract and taxi traffic, and efficiently combine trips with each other.

Contact is a scalable system that enables low-cost implementation for small companies as well, by selecting only the necessary features to suit the needs of the application. In addition to fixed in-vehicle devices, a tablet or phone with an Android operating system can also be connected to the system. You can also easily integrate Semel Web booking and Bookataxi subscription into one entity



  • Different travel, order types and order management
  • Station and area management
  • Vehicle and driver management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Order and travel combination options
  • Connectivity to other systems
  • Web and app orders
  • Fast initialization