M2 Mirror BASIC

Mirror taximeter and printer, starting package for start ups

M2 Mirror BASIC

130 € / month (alv. 0%)
Opening fee 200 €

What equipment does it include:

  • Semel M2 Mirror taximeter (including software)
  • Semel RX90hn printer (including software)

What else does the service include:

  • Vuoro.NET BASIC service
  • Software maintenance
  • Exchange service at Semel partners
  • New equipment after 24 month subscription, eg when renewing You car.

NOTE: Doed not include SIM card.

Vuoro.NET Basic driver portal is included in service. If You want to use our phone app for Android and iOS, You need to upgrade it to Vuoro.NET Extra. That can easily be done while making your order.

The whole package is perfect for a new starting entrepreneur or to upgrade from taximeter Semel TM6000 already in use.

The Semel M2 Mirror BASIC package includes the Semel M2 Mirror taximeter and thermal printer. The icons on the screen of the taximeter provide direct access to basic functions such as tariff selection, cash state, free state and receipt printing. Code functions are also available in the M2 taximeter, since most users still have the TM6000 in use and its codes in their memory. The numeric keypad is used in the familiar way by entering a numeric code to activate various functions.

Device specifications