Semel Contact – the best dispatch system for passenger transportation

Since 2005 the Semel Contact dispatch system has been taken to use by more and more taxi dispatch companies and mobile service providers. Semel Contact is a trustworthy drive transmission system, with which you can control comprehensively different order transmissions to vehicles. With the help of Contact it is possible to effectively control service transportation, contract and taxi transportation and to combine travels effectively amongst each other.

Contact is a scaling system, which enables it to be inexpensive even for small vehicle amounts by choosing only the necessary functionalities according to the needs of use. You can not only attach the set vehicle equipment but also for example a tablet or a cell phone equipped with an android operating system to the system.


- Different travel, order types and order management
- Station and area management
- Vehicle and driver management
- Vehicle tracking
- Order and travel combination options
- Connectivity to other systems
- Web and app orders
- Fast initialization